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Pressure Reducing Station PRS Skid

Valves controlled by PLCs are primarily designed to supply gas to consumers when there is no direct gas pipeline. Gas is supplied from Cascade/Jumbo trailers and these skids through a two-stage process that lowers the gas pressure (from 250 bar to 0.5-4 bar) according to customer requirements. The complete PRS system configured in redundancy ensures uninterrupted fuel supply. end use.

Features of Pressure Reducing Station (PRS):

  • Ensures rapid and maximum release of hydrogen.
  • Single flange connection of the high pressure part, all other connections are also welded .
  • Eliminate any possible leaks.
  • Burst and zero time reduction. Cylinder change compared to other gas vehicles unloading.
  • No electrical or pneumatic power source required to ensure normal operation and safe shutdown job.
  • High-precision control of the final outlet pressure supplied to the process is ensured by two things pressure drop step Increased throughput.
  • Pressure relief stations are provided with vented and non-vented protection.

Specifications of Pressure Reducing Station for Gases
  • Maximum Inlet pressure – 5 Bar
  • Outlet pressure range - 10 - 40 Bar
  • Flow rate range - 10 Nm3/hr to 3000 Nm3/hr
  • Pressure rating - ANSI B16.5 Class 1500# Inlet x 300# or 150# Outlet
  • Maximum temperature - 60o C