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Cryogenic Mobile Tanks

Cylindrical cryogenic tanker for the transport and supply of Airgas and LNG capacity varies 5000 Liters – 46000 Liters.


  • Products to be transported: cryogenic liquefied Airgas gases including LNG
  • Manufactured according to applicable ASME and European Directives:
  • Application norms: ADR, EN13530, IM08 (optional).
  • Maximum working pressure: 3 - 12 bar.
  • Design temperature: -196 ºC + 50 ºC.
  • Inner tank material: Austenitic stainless steel.
  • Thermal insulation multilayer with high vacuum.
  • Internal baffles for partial loads.
  • Stainless steel rear control cabinets

Vaporizers are heat exchangers used for degasifying liquefied gases which are stored as a liquid under cryogenic temperatures. CGI produces the following types of vaporisers:

Ambient air heated, both natural as forced draft design
Electrical heated
Water heated, both coil in shell as shell in tube design
Mobile units (based on above technologies)
Skid Mounted Vaporizer
The optimum vaporizer technology for your process depends on local climate, available heating source (cooling water, steam or electrical power), your preference and/or site regulations.