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Atmospheric Tank:

Cryogenic garage dewars are specialised vacuum flasks that preserve liquid nitrogen or liquid helium . Choosing the proper dewar that pleasant fits your software is critical. A liquid nitrogen dewar must have the shape, capacity, and cloth creation to save your sample. Look for dewars that function excessive overall performance creation and superior insulation substances to make certain excessive thermal efficiency.Liquid nitrogen is saved in an LN2 Dewar, that's a eparticularly designed thermal ly insulated vessel used to save or shipping liquid nitrogen.

Scope of Application:
Widely used within many laboratories, this small-sized storage series features low LNâ‚‚ consumption and dual handle design.

  • Key Features:
  • Heavy duty lockable enclosure offers excellent security
  • Strong lightweight robust construction
  • Dual handles
  • Temperature monitoring available on request
  • Roller bases available
  • High thermal efficiency.


Cryogenic Storage Dewan Tank
Sl. No.ParametersModel Number
Model Number
Model Number
Model Number
Model Number
1Capacity of the Tank3 Liters5 Liters10 Liters20 Liters30 Liters
2Type of TankVerticalVerticalVerticalVerticalVertical
3Construction Design CodeASME VIII Div.1 Ed.2021ASME VIII Div.1 Ed.2021ASME VIII Div.1 Ed.2021ASME VIII Div.1 Ed.2021ASME VIII Div.1 Ed.2021
4Inner Diameter of the Tank "ID" mm162213213267267
13Total inner vessel volume "V3"3.175.5210.7321.7831.30
16Total inner vessel inside height181191337434604
17Maximum Allowable Working Pressure, "P" Bar11111
18Maximum Allowable Working Pressure, "P" Mpa0.
42Outer Vessel Parameters
46Outside Diameter of the tank "OD" mm219270270328328
52Top Neck height + Nozzle120120120120120
80Insulation Multi Layer11233
82Total weight of vessel "kgs"811142125
84Operating Weight of Inner Vessel with LIN - 808 Kg/m33491825
85Operating Weight of Inner Vessel with LOX - 1141 Kg/m336122434
87Gross Shipping weight1013162429
88Static Evapouration* (L/Day)0.480.450.420.350.36
89Static Holding Time (Day)712266287