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Ambient Vaporizers

The ambient air vaporizer is designed to vaporize liquefied cryogenic gases such as oxygen, nitrogen, argon,carbondioxide, nitrous oxide & LNG. With regard to this, please note that the vaporizer was degreased for oxygen use during manufacture. It is a self-supporting structure, completely made of aluminium. The vaporizer consists of finned tubes (obtained by extrusion), duly supported, connected in series and in parallel in such a number as to guarantee the indicated flow rate. We remind that heat exchange between cryogenic fluid and air takes place by natural convection.

We are at the forefront of cryogenic technology capable of manufacturing higher capacity vaporizer that varies from 50 Nm3 / hr. To 5000 Nm3 / hr.

CGI experts have over 15 years of experience in the design and manufacturing of vaporizers. We are specialists in the manufacturing Low and High-pressure vaporizer for the following cryogenic applications:

Mobile Vaporizing unit:
Cryogen offers a full range of mobile vaporizers that can be delivered based on container dimensions or placed on steel base frames. These mobile vaporizers can be deployed on multiple locations, EN certification on request for off-shore projects.

All our mobile vaporizers are available for all air gases, LNG and CO2, CGI assures that your mobile vaporizer can be delivered to your specifications and for every possible use.

LNG Vaporizers:
LNG Vaporizers are heat exchangers used for regasifying liquefied gases which are stored as a liquid under cryogenic temperatures. CGI produces the following types of vaporisers:

  • Ambient air heated, both natural as forced draft design
  • Water heated, both coil in shell as shell in tube design
  • Mobile units based on above technologies
The optimum vaporizer technology for your process depends on local climate, available heating source (cooling water, steam or electrical power), your preference and/or site regulations. Our sales department is able to assist you with the selection of the best option for your demands

We offer cryogenic skid Mounted Vaporizer for the following liquefied gases
  • Liquid nitrogen (LIN)
  • Liquid argon (LAR)
  • Liquid Oxygen (LOX)
  • Liquid carbon dioxide (LC02)
  • Liquid natural gas (LNG)
  • Liquid nitrous oxide (LN20)

  • Customized Low & High - Pressure and Pressure - Building Models
  • Fins Designed For Maximum Surface Area
  • Wide- Gap Design For Superior Air Flow
  • Simple Assembly
  • Expandable, Modular Design Custom Accessories Availability.
  • Type: Ambient Air Heated
  • Configuration: Vertical mounted four leg sturdy design
  • Service: Product Vaporizer made up to aluminium fins and tubesLC
  • Fluid: LIN/LOX/LAR/LCO2>
  • Design Temperature: (-) 196 C to + 65 C
  • Ambient Condition: 30 Deg C @ 70% RH
  • Outlet Temp. – gas: 10°C below ambient.
  • Cleaning Duty: Oxygen based on request
  • Outlet Temp. – gas: 10°C below ambient.30 Deg C @ 70% RH
  • Cleaning Duty: Oxygen based on request
  • Capacity of vaporizer: 50-5000 Nm3/Hr
  • Manufacturing Code: ASME Sec VIII Div I, Latest Edition 2019
  • Duty Cycle: 8-10 Hours of Continuous Operation before De-Icing.
  • Defrosting Time: 2 - 3Hrs.
  • Maximum Operating Pressure: 36 Kg/Cm2
  • Design Pressure: 40 Kg/Cm2
  • Hydraulic Test Pressure: 44 Kg/Cm2
  • Inlet: 1” SORF 150 # SS; Outlet : 1-1/2” SORF 150# SS
  • Manifold by: DC-TIG Welding
  • Material Of Construction: Fins : Aluminium A 6063 – T5 Bends : Aluminium A 6063 Structural & Frame : Aluminium A 6063 – T6 End Connection : SS 304
Air Gases Atmospheric Vaporizers
Ambient vaporizer we manufactured is a kind of efficient environmental friendly and energy-saving heat exchange device, mainly used for convert the liquid gas(-104 ºC~-196 ºC) into gases, such as: LO2, LN2, LAR gasification, LNG, LC2H4 low temperature medium, namely the cryogenic liquid into a gas at room temperature, in order to satisfy the application in various fields iron and steel, solar energy, electronics, shipbuilding, natural gas industry, chemical industry etc..

  1. No power consumption, no pollution and environment friendly
  2. Compact designing, no spare parts, easy installation and convenient in maintenance
  3. Anti-oxidation treated on ambient vaporizer material, with long working cycle,
  4. All manufacturing process according to oxygen equipment requirement, degrease treated carefully.
  5. Advanced high pressure compound technique, which can ensure 100% contact between heat exchange tube and pressure pipe, ensuring the high heat exchange efficiency.
  6. Designing specifications: ambient temperature:-10%, relative humidity 70%, continuous operation for 8-12 hours.
Medium: LO2, LN2, LAr, LNG, LCO2, LC2H4, LPG
Working Pressure: 0.8-40.0MPa
Capacity: 50-5000Nm3/h